Friday, 17 July 2015

Tim Ho Wan is Overrated & Not worth the hype

Tim Ho Wan was a hit, this restaurant is like a fast-food space, and you have to wait for the table to be catered. You can enjoy their food and cannot stay for too long because there are still waiting customers outside. I like their baked bun with bbq sauce but believe me Nothing Special. I just can't believe why it's hype and why people were so willing to endure long lines just to have this pork bun.  I've expected too much because it's a Michelin starred food item, but I really didn't find anything special to its taste. I must admit the buns were freshly cooked and soft but there's nothing stellar with the filling. Their Chow Mien Stir Fried Noodle taste like Instant Noodles (Nissin Yakisoba) so dry and tasteless. So disappointed with this.  I am sorry. I am just trying to share an honest experience :)  Pork Bun price: 145 for 3 pcs. Chow Mien is 130 Pesos 


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